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Side view of bee swarm
Photos and video of a bee swarm spotted near Beamish have been added to the new ‘Bee Media’ page. The images, courtesy of Rob Basow, are fascinating: “You can really see, by looking at the escaping swarm of bees, an image of the human soul flying away from the body. Oh gentlemen, this is a grand sight to behold! (Rudolf Steiner, Bees, trans. by Thomas Braatz, Anthroposphic Press, 1998, 156)
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[Finally updated as of 21 March 2014]

Hello all:
Documents and links have now been comprehensively added to this site, including complete summaries of all six group discussions.

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Introduction and Overview
Art and Spirituality
Poetry, Plato, Poison (and Patriarchy!)
Consciousness and Intelligence
Language, Ethics and Economics
Politics and Social Theory

Please join any of the discussions via this general post or, better, those under the specific monthly topics (listed above) on the pull-down menu called “Blog Pages for Comments: Bees and . . .” (button four). I will still read all blogs, I promise!

Re the updates referred to above, the blogs, links and articles will remain permanently on the website as reference material. Warning: there is a lot of great material available (!) so please read at your leisure. Thanks for all the fish!

–Peter Tooth (Hemlockian34)